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Welcome to

the World Cancer Walk! Ready to be part of something big and important? Join us

in our global effort to support cancer patients, survivors, and their families

as well as raise money towards cancer research. 


year's World Cancer Walk was incredibly successful with over 1,200 people walking

in more than 200 different cities across the world. Thanks to supporters like

you, we hope to raise even more money than last year so that we can continue

our work and help more people who are affected by cancer in Belgium. 

The Event:

On January 9th, 2022, we will be

participating in the second annual WORLD 24-hour walk. Each city will be given

a one-hour time slot to go on a walk, and the combination of these hours around

the world will equal one full 24 hour day. It will be a 24 hour ‘relay’ spanning

almost all time zones across the world. 


Foundation Against Cancer Belgium:

Relay for Life Belgium is an initiative of the Foundation Against Cancer.

The foundation is a national and internationally recognized center of expertise in the fight against cancer.

It is a fully independent and transparent organization, whose role is to identify effective actions and strategies to combat cancer.

The foundation plays an important role in three domains:

Scientific research;

Support of patients and their families;

Detection and prevention.  


Thank you for your support and we look forward to walking with you on January 9th!

Don't forget to register to walk with us at:

and follow the event on instagram: worldcancerwalk

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