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This year, 85 runners from Greece,The Netherlands and eight other countries are joining forces to support the Greek Estia Agios Nikolaos community. Individuals and organizations from all over the world will sponsor them by raising money for the run.

Join us at the 2019 Athens Marathon for a good cause!

This year, different individuals and organizations in Greece, The Netherlands , Great Britain and other countries are joining forces to support the Greek Estia Agios Nikolaos community by organizing different events during the Athens Marathon.. Our joint goal is to raise money and awareness for the Estia Agios Nikolaos Foundation.

Are you a runner and ready for a new challenge? We would be thrilled to do this with you! All together, we will join forces for a good cause, achieve a fantastic sportive performance and experience a great adventure.

Estia Agios Nikolaos Foundation

Estia Agios Nikolaos is an inclusive and diverse community, where all its members, adults with special needs and their caregivers, live, work and spend their free time together, in a mutually enriching way. The principle of Estia Agios Nikolaos is that each person can be helped to develop his or her unique skills in a nurturing and stimulating environment through creative work, artistic stimuli and direct interaction with nature.

The majority of the special needs residents are unable to care for themselves independently. For most of them, Estia is their only home for life and often their only family. Social Security in the past years only covers around 45% of their full living cost and we rely on donations to cover the rest.

Estia Agios Nikolaos is a Charitable Institution for the Public Benefit (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling -ANBI), in Germany and Greece. It also grants full tax deduction to USA residents via the King Baudouin Foundation US. All donations, of any amount are recognized with an official tax receipt.

For more information about Estia Agis Nikolaos, please go to our site

The Athens Marathon. Some History

The Athens Marathon is certainly the most moving and one of the most beautiful running events in the world. It follows the full 42,2 km course that the herald Pheidippides is said to have run in 490 BC without pause to tell is fellow Athenian citizens that the mighty Persians had been beaten in the battle of Marathon and that their city was safe.

The first modern-era Marathon was created as part of the first modern Olympics in 1896. It was the dream of the French Baron de Coubertin to bring back the Olympics after more than 1500 years since they had been suppressed. He symbolically chose Athens as the first venue and built the magnificent Olympic stadium exactly 42,2 km from the site of Marathon. There were 25 runners from just 5 countries.

The Athens Authentic Marathon was launched 37 years ago, to follow the identical 1896 course. The event has expanded to include other races in addition to the 42,2km; two 5km races, a 10km race, a power walking race and a kids’ race. The Olympic stadium is still the finish line for all the running events. Last year more than 50, 000 people ran, turning Athens into a wonderful celebration city for the weekend.

Estia Agios Nikolaos 2019 Athens Marathon Events

This year’s Athens Marathon running events will take place on Sunday 10 November 2019. There will be Estia Agios Nikolaos teams for the 42.2 km Authentic Marathon, the 10kn run and the 5km afternoon run. View the official Athens Marathon website here

This is the 4th year of organizing the Estia Agios Nikolaos Athens Marathon event, and it grows in popularity every year. Last year there were 42 runners and more than 80 sponsors and donors. This year, the Athens Marathon organizers have allotted Estia around 80 slots, almost equally split among the 3 races.

How to Donate:

-Estia Agios Nikolaos will be setting up this year’s crowd funding campaign before end December 2019. Like previous years, the site will be Why Donate which accepts a variety of payment methods, including Ideal, credit cards or PayPal. Always give your name and an email address so that your donation may be acknowledged.

Alternatively, you may donate directly to Estia via PayPal or bank transfer to one of its bank accounts.

Special prize:

The person who will raise the most funds (personally or through crowd funding) will win a super prize: two air tickets to Athens in spring/summer 2020 and 3 hotel nights in the seaside town of Galaxidi, where Estia Agios Nikolaos is. Conditions etc will be communicated at the start of the campaign.

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