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Dolphin Defenders Netherlands


Lemmer, Nederland

Dolphin Defenders Netherlands is a private initiative dedicated to the protection of cetaceans and their natural environment.

We are raising donations for two very important non-profit

organizations to ensure that dedicated volunteers can continue their work! The

first goal is to make it possible for SOS dolfijn to once again have a dolphin

hospital at their disposal. From that moment on they can rescue and rehabilitate

stranded cetaceans. The second organization for which we raise donations is the

Archipelagos organization in Greece. This organization is committed to nature

conservation in the Greek Sea. This organization is currently working hard to

realize a sanctuary for stranded and sick marine mammels. This sanctuary would

also provite a permanent home for formerly show dolphins. We want these two

important projects to succeed! Do you help us? The donations will be distributed

among these organizations. Thanks! Share this campaign with your family and


Take a look on their websites for more information;



Sign and share our petition; https://www.petitions.net/stopthedolphinslaughter

The purpose of this petition is to ban the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan. Every year hundreds of dolphins are captured and killed in the most horrible way you can imagine.

By signing and sharing our petition you can be their voice and create awareness in your community;


Give us a small gift: we cannot be their voice without you!

Your gift will be used for education campaigns and to support organizations that organize existing or start new campaigns with the aim of protecting cetaceans and their natural environment.


Thankyou so mutch for your help and dedication!

Kind regards,

Danny van Doezum


Dolphin Defenders Netherlands is founded on February 17, 2019 by Danny van Doezum

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