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Beiroet, Libanon

BLN (Basic Living Needs) Initiative. While our hearts are broken for what happened in our beloved BEIRUT, our minds were directly settled to support affected families from this tragedy.

After studying all the initiatives born on spot to help and support, we, a group of young Lebanese entrepreneurs living in Lebanon and abroad decided to launch an initiative to cover some basic living needs for families who were displaced.

This initiative consists of creating several kits serving every day’s need for a person and to distribute them through related NGOs.

We chose to limit our scope to the following 3 kits to be able to provide the maximum number requested:

1- Sleeping kit

To include a Single mattress, pillow + cover, bed sheet and bed cover

2- Baby Kit

To include Diapers, Baby powder & wipe, Baby Milk, feeding bottle

3- Hygiene Kit

To include Shampoo, Shower gel, Soap, Tooth paste, Tooth brush and a Small Towel


The above kits serve our beloved community in various directions:

a- Cover the necessity of people who left their houses and moved to any place being a school or another family’s house. 

b- They reduce cost on hosts. 

c- All of the above items are going to be manufactured in Lebanon by local industries which will help in a way the Lebanese economy.  

d- Replacement for the damaged goods.


Because we are all in this together, we believe that the support in providing our families their basic living needs will be appreciated especially that all other initiatives are focusing on food and beverages while insurances and government are taking care of renovations and reconstructions. 


Together we can help in lightening the burden of our families and rebuild their hope.

The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation.

€ 5.000 Doelbedrag

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