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Stay Woke


Amsterdam, Nederland

I have been a person from childhood who is full of energy and very entrepreneurial. I have also made conscious choices regarding my training based on this, I chose the Social and Cultural Worker course because I wanted to organize activities with and for young people. Soon after, I decided to switch training and opted for a training in the field of business management with a view to start my own company in the future. As my environment knows me, I am a person who always has good ideas that resonate with them. The idea of a store that sells spiritual clothing is one of them, something that has taken a special interest of mine and that I have really studied. Due to the combination of business management and working with my area of interest, I am convinced that I can set up a successful concept in this context.

Stay Woke focuses on selling spiritual clothing to adults in general and young people between the ages of 20 and 30 who are engaged in an awareness process. The underlying idea is to make people aware of spirituality and spiritual growth. It concerns self-printed t-shirts, jackets, pants, crystals, jewelry, caps and other headgear. The intention is to start with a webshop in spiritual clothing and then set up a shop / studio for direct sales.

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