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Yavor Alipiev


Sofia, Bulgarije

Hi all,

My name is Yavor Alipiev, 30, Sofia, Bulgaria. And before everything, please excuse me for my bad English :)

My dream is to be a filmmaker, but I also love to write. That's why I started this project called "Sophie and the World of Sunnylight". It will be 7 children's books about a girl who is lost in an imaginary world and trying to get back home. During her journey there she learns a lot about things like patience, greed, love, pride and many more. Every story has a few meaningful quotes in it and they are connected with Sophie's adventures in this fiction world. A lot of characters, locations, comedy and drama there is also.

My idea is to publish the book digitally (in English after professional translation) and on paper (in Bulgaria; hopefully outside Bulgaria also if the people like it) and 50% of the profit to go for a charity connected with children. And no matter what kind of profit - from the book or from something else connected with it, I want 50% of the profit to go for a cause I have chosen. I also believe that these 7 stories will help young children to open their eyes more about the world around them and stop living in the computer world for a while. I really hope it will help.

Now, I need $1500 for the illustrations (15-20 images in total); and $1000 for special printing and issuing the book on the market. As for the advertising - I believe I can handle this with my own money and time - I'll promote it in Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and of course I will make flyers and give them to the people in my city.

Thank you very much for reading this to the end; Excuse me again for my bad English and I wish you all good and wonderful day :)

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