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Korina Gabayno


, Tsjechië

This is a project of saving my unborn baby. I need money to fix this cause I cannot afford to go home due to my pregnancy. Please help me.

It is not easy to seek for help, specially when your mental health is being affected already. PLEASE help us, my baby, I haven't got any check up, for 2 months now.

First Ultrasound - 12 weeks - The day that I confirmed i was pregnant. I never knew this coming to my life. When I supposed to get started to my new job. That job, TURNED me DOWN. 

I am afraid with this month's bills and DEBTS.

I am in debts. I have partner, but we are not official as partner. I am asking for mercy and help to start over. Being so desperate about money, I was a victim of scammers. 

Let me knock to your heart to help me fix my situation. I didn't tell this to my family as I want to survive and at least not let them worried much. I am praying nonstop, for my unborn child, to be healthy. I couldn't sleep at night thinking about money. SAVE US!

I will be very grateful and thankful with any amount you can give to reach my goal. Highly-appreciated.

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