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Jesse Zubiate


Amsterdam, Nederland

Mayday Mayday! La Mariposa needs our help

The Captain is calling "All Hands On Deck"!

6 years ago La Mariposa embarked on her new adventure in Amsterdam. 

Since then she's been a place where dreams have come true and many life long memories have been made.

As soon as Covid 19 came, La Mariposa also lost her most vital function. 

The motor (her heart) completely broke! 

It was devistating......

Most of you know im quite capable of fixing motor issues but unfortunately the damage that occured to the motor was not reparable at all. 

So, for quite a while now, I have been very hesitant about even keeping her and trying to make some sort of improvisation. This just did not feel right though. 

But now thankfully ive been able find a sustainable solution with an even beter motor from Mercedes Benz. Super reliable!

In order to make it work correctly and give the "All-in Revitalization" she needs and in the much more elegant fashion La Mariposa deserves; Im gracefully asking for your help!

Details Rescue Cost Overview: 

- transmission for Mercedes motor 1600

- exhaust cooling system 985

- extra motor cooling system 350

- dry dock stalling 4 weeks for painting 800

- paint 300 

- wood,metal, material n supplies 200

- rear tent covering 600

- seat cushions and covers indoor and outdoor 650

- new toilet with flushbutton (no more pumping!) 300

As you may have noticed the costs exceed the goal amount.

I will be personally matching the goal crowdfunding amount of 3500.

Return on investment:

Donations above 100 Euro will recieve 2 tickets on a "Crowdfunders Boat Trip"

For those generous enough to donate above 300 Euro they will recieve 2 hour private cruise including a bottle of fancy champange!  (of course once society in Amsterdam opens back up again)

Donations made from abroad (or others who cant make it on the boat) above 300 Euro will recieve by mail a "Dutch Sweets n Treats" package put together by the Captain himself.


Folks... La Mariposa has brought so much joy and inspiration to so many people. 

Please help bring her back in a much more classy style than ever before. 

Sincerley with gratitude,

Jesse Zubiate

Captain and founder of Dam Good Trips

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