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nea boustany


Beiroet, Libanon

After the explosion in Lebanon a lot of people lost everything, and my friend is one of them. My friend and his family owned a store but now it’s gone. They don’t have enough to fix their home nor their store, not to mention their car is also gone.

My name is Nea Boustany an AUB student, I am trying to collect money for my friends home and family store after the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.

After the explosion people died, injured, homeless and jobless. My friend is one of the many people affected by it. Their house and store were right next to the explosion. The result of it were 8 broken aluminum glass doors and windows (double-vitrage), 2 broken tables, not to mention the store is gone nothing’s left, everything got destroyed, they’ll have to start from the beginning. Their car is also severely damaged. My friend is still in university learning, and without the store the parents are jobless and won’t be able to pay their sons tuition.

The money collected for this fundraiser will all go to them, for their home, store and car. For proof I’ll be posting pictures before and after the help give in.

Any amount would help them to stand again. Thank you so much for your support!! : here is a video of the store being destroyed.