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Ray of Love


Kigoma, Tanzania

Ray of Love is a non-profit organization whose aim is to establish a center for children with disabilities in Kigoma, Tanzania. These children usually have very few opportunities and we want to change that. For this we need your support!

All children anywhere in the world have a dream. To develop that dream, they need optimal opportunities to play and discover, learn, fail and start

over together. Unfortunately, this is not the matter of course for all children. There are hardly any places for the children in Tanzania where they can go to get the right support and certainly not for children with a disability. Christopher, a teacher in Kigoma, Tanzania, for children with disabilities, also has a dream. The dream to establish a center where these special children can go.


To realize this dream, we need an amount of 30 000 euros in total. We have already collected some of the money but still need at least 20 000 euros to reach our goal. With this amount we can build a center for 40 disabled children, we can hire educators and teachers for the duration of a year and we can use that year to become self-sufficient.


Your donation can give a future to these children. So we really need your help!



Instagram: rayof_love


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