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Yelda Gundogdu


Genk, België

Hi friends. A few months ago I’ve started a fundraiser after my internship in Vietnam. With this message I would like to tell you what made me do this.

4 years ago my father was diagnosed with cancer. After a short period he lost this battle and passed away. As someone who was 18 years old at that moment I didn’t knew what to do and how to react to his death. It was so sudden and I didn’t got the chance to say goodbye to him. After his death I ignored everything regarding this sickness. I couldn’t even pronounce the word ‘cancer’ as it was too confronting for me. Before I started my internship in Vietnam I got the chance to choose my departments. I choose for pediatrics, intern medicine, emergency and obstetrics & gynecology. Afterwards they’ve told me that intern medicine was not possible for me so they’ve recommended oncology. I’ve accepted this knowing that I had to face my fears one day. My second week in Vietnam was on oncology. Seeing the oncology patients was breaking my heart and knowing you can do so few for them. I was also having constant flashbacks of my father in that situation. On the second day the doctor asked us if we wanted to see a young amputee boy. Without realizing that this boy was going to chance my trip in Vietnam I agreed to see him. Qu was very young and he had been through so much for his age. I saw a child who didn’t wanted to be a child anymore. My heart broke in pieces and I just wanted to hold him and never let go. The more the doctor was explaining about his condition the more I wanted to mean something to him. After our talk I’ve met an unbelievably goodhearted person ever, he’s also an oncologist at the department and the founder of an organization called “Raising Hope”. The way he was doing so much for this patients inspired me so much. As a nurse myself I know how busy doctors can be but he took the time to explain what the organization was all about. I told him that I wanted to do something with Qu, I didn’t matter what, I just wanted to see him happy again. That same day I got a text from another member of the organization asking me if I wanted to meet another girl called M.L. Seeing her for the first time was so different than what I had expected. Her happiness was contagious and I would do everything to make her smile again. After my meeting I’ve made the choice to spend some time with these children. It would be therapy for them, but for me as well. After a couple days we choose a date to do something. When I arrived at the hospital I was surprised to see Qu, the sad boy lying in his hospital bed was not there anymore and in place there was a happy boy who couldn’t sit still. I could have sworn I was on the verge of tears and it was so hard for me not to cry at that moment. I was over the moon to see him so happy. He wanted to take selfies and told me that I was a beautiful girl, the best compliment I could get (he was so shy afterwards it was so cute really). Eventually we went to an arcade and at that moment I realized what I was doing. Or better said, what they were doing to me. They were taking away the fear that was stuck in me for such a long time. Afterwards I wanted to see them every day. I also stayed in contact with some of the members of the organization. Before I left Huế I wanted to see them again, and thanks to one of the members I was able to. She was always there with me, and even though there was a big language barrier, she was always there to translate so that we still could understand each other.

And this is my story, these children have made my pain a bit more endurable. When they laughed, I laughed. That’s why I want to make sure that they keep on laughing. Their happiness is really important to me. It’s a way of moving on with my life after what happened with my father.

I’m miles away right now, but I promise to come back one day.

Thank you in advance for your help.

€ 325

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