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Anastasiia Sereda


Frankfurt am Main, Duitsland

Hello dear community, 

I am originally from Ukraine, at the age of 17 I came to Germany and found my second home here. The current situation in my home country is known to everyone by now. The cities like Kiev and surroundings (incl. Irpin & Butcha), Kharkiv, Mariupol, Odessa, Luhansk, Donetsk and many more suffer from Russian attacks in the war in the middle of Europe. 

My godfather is fighting in the hard fought areas right now. He has been to Kiev and has seen for himself the horrific scenes in Irpin. Soon he will be sent either to the East or the South Ukraine 

However, his volunteer battalion lacks protective equipment, which is very expensive. Without this equipment, they are unprotected in the battle. Alone, I can't manage to raise the necessary amount of money. That is why I need your help! Together we can do it. 

We are missing 

- Plate carrier with Molly system

- Trauma plates SK4 (2 pieces per person front + back) 

- Ballistic helmets 

- Knee pads 

for 10 persons. 

According to my calculations it costs 1200€/person. 

I can provide all the proofs on an ongoing basis very gladly. 

Please, let's help together the soldiers in Ukraine to fight for peace! 

Best regards


€ 3.305 van € 12.000
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