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Olga Sa


Amsterdam, Nederland

The nightmare had come.

My sweet cat, my friend, my Monica is struggling from a pain.

One day I’ve noticed that something is different with my sweetheart, she was more sleepy and started to refuse from her food. I noticed that there was a bump on her hip and her walk was limping.

We went to the Vet for a research, however Vet couldn’t tell anything except the bump is the tissue with strange structure, so we sent the sample for cytology research. Several X-rays also were not very helpful, as the nature of this bump remains not clear.

Cytology couldn’t make the picture clear by telling that they don’t know what are the cells.

Yesterday I had a call with the Vet, who advised either to euthanize Monica as she has pain or to make further expensive research (MRI, CT-scan, blood test and anesthesia of course, the approximate costs are about 3k euro) and try to find treatment.

The same evening she felt worse. She had head rush, that looked like epilepsy attack. She was meowing and she was frightened. Heartbreaking!

This was a total shock!

My cat, my girl who is for 14 years nearby. No, she is not purebred, I got her from a shelter. She was tiny kitten and she picked me!

She knows and witnessed my rises and falls. When I was alone and desperate, she was with me and helped me to trust and move forward! It’s not just a cat, this is best friend, family, soulmate. And now she is sick and she needs my help, that I can’t afford! But I need to help her! I must help her, so she could have her life!!!

I understand that it’s an awful time to ask for help. But if you're in the position to, I humbly ask for donations, even just a euro, and if not then sharing this could mean everything.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for hearing me out! Sorry for my confused thoughts, I’m not very good at expressing myself in normal circumstances, and currently me crying is not also helping much!

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