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Danielius Orlovas


, Litouwen

Hello, I am a simple human being, who enjoys life, nature, art. Also I am doing meditation and consider myself to be on a spiritual journey. I love animals and I care for them. I have alot of cats and two dogs. I am using all my earnings and savings on them. I live alone with alot of animals. There is a cat grandmother, and she had cats, who also had cats. I saved her, gave her home. Now most of them are sterillised, because they started to breed between themselves, because somehow we thought that one cat is a girl, and he had a girl name for about a year, until we found out that he is a boy, but it was too late, he made his sister pregnant. But I decided to keep all the cats because I love them so much, and they love me. 

I live far away from city, and the closest store doesnt have the food that my animals need, so I buy most of it online. Dry food, wet food, meat, milk - this is what my animals like.

I only have my mom and she is helping me as much as she can, but she was sick recently, had surgery and also because of quarantine, it was really a hard year on us.

Where I live now, people dont really understand true love for animals, they keep their dogs on the leash 24/7 and their cats live outside, and they dont sterilise or feed their cats because it is too expensive for them. Sometimes Im afraid to let my cat outside, because he will go into fight with neighbour or wild cats.

I still feel some happiness because my animals, are my family, they all love, respect eachother, and there are no fights inside the house, only fun, games and relaxation.

My dogs can sleep near my cats and they never are angry.

We live in a village, my mom bought this house for my grandmother long time ago, we made alot of rennovation, invested all our money, and now for a couple of years, we have been in conflict with neighbours, and my grandmother has moved to another country, because she cant stand those people anymore. I am also thinking about moving to a new place, where I would have more privacy. Then I would build a fence for my cats, so they can stay in my yard. I have built a fence here too, but my cat for example, likes to go to neighbour yard, and sometimes he forgets how to come back, because of the fence, he just sits and meows so I can find him and bring back home. Thats why I want to live now in even more distant place, where nobody can disturb my life. 

I like to film how my animals live, play, eat, but I usually have bad mood, because of the neighbours, and if I dont feel happy, I dont want to film or do anything else, I know that I must take responsibility for my life, but I just cant believe, that I have to move out, because I don’t like my neighbors. I have wrote to authorities, but my evidence was not enough to prove that our neighbour is bad, but atleast I know my truth and I will believe it. 

Our neighbours are letting another person live in their house and let him do anything he wants. Its scary to live near him, when I tried to prove to authorities that he is acting bad, for example he is scaring my animals with his big dog, which is barking very loud for 12 hours without stop, he is drinking alot of alcohol and doesnt know how to read or write. I cannot live near such person who also threatened to kill me countless times, and nobody helps me, I told to other neighbours, to my family, to my friends, authorities and nothing helped to defeat that guy. This is just 10% of whole store anyway of how much wrong he has done to our family, for example my grandmother had to move also because she doesnt like those neighbours, and they shouted on her.

Also I have a plan to create a website, social network accounts about my animals, I also would use funds for that, so I can upload more pictures and videos and spend my time caring even more for them.

My main plan is to use funds and all my savings to move to another place with all my animals, where there is no neighbours, It will cost me alot to move from one place to another and I cant do it all at once, I dont have drivers licence or a car, so I will have to pay very expensive prices for moving company to help me move my animals and things safely.



I am going to edit this story with more information soon. Thanks for reading

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