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devesh kumar


India, India

Our financial situation was very pathetic which has become even more pathetic due to the Corona period. Even after a lot of effort, we are not able to do anything for our family. We are technical. There is some information so we want to have a good shop connected to it, so that we can meet all the needs of the whole family with our parents.we are not able to do anything due to lack of money. I have 1 daughter and 1 son, it has become very difficult for me to pay for their studies.

 We used to work in a workshop before Corona. But he also missed in Corona. And now we are unemployed.

 How the money will be used:

 Now we want to start mobile and TB sale and Serbis by renting a shop. For which we asked for help from friends and relatives, but they did not do anything, they are not getting any help from the bank because I do not have any property. We need a lot of tools and a shop to shop. And all of this will require money which I do not have. If you get the support of people then that is impossible for me. It will be possible in no time. So that I can take care of my family. It will also be possible for children to create a future for them.

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