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Kamermuziek In De Leidse Hout


Oegstgeest, Nederland

Link to the livestream: https://youtu.be/V9UA37XWXWk

“Oh lovely sally gardens”

Chekhov Trio in collaboration with Nine van Strien, alto. 

Chekhov trio:

Fem Devos, piano

Emma Rhebergen, violin

Anna Litvinenko,  cello

In the 19th century, the desire for simplicity and the expression of feelings led to a revaluation of folk songs. Also many (classical) composers have been inspired by folk songs and put them to music.  Beethoven has arranged more than 150 Scottish, Irish and Welsh folk songs for piano trio and vocals. In this performance, Nine van Strien and Chekhov Trio perform a number of gems from this collection. The program also includes a wealth of melodies by other composers, a.o. in compositions by Brahms and Britten.


Ralph Vaughan Williams: Two English folk songs

1. Searching for Lambs

2. The Lawyer

Ludwig van Beethoven: From Scottish folk songs opus 108 zang en pianotrio

No. 5: The sweetest lad was Jamie

No. 8: The lovely lass of Inverness

No. 11: Oh! Thou art the lad of my heart, Willy No. 14: O, how can I be blithe and glad

No. 15: O cruel was my father

Alphons Diepenbrock: Berçeuse

Ludwig van Beethoven: from Welsh folk Songs W.o.O. 155 zang en pianotrio

No. 7: O let the Night my blushes hide

No. 8: Farewell thou noisy town

No. 9: To the Aeolian Harp

No. 11: Merch Megan, or, Peggy’s daughter

Johannes Brahms: Zwei Gesänge opus 91

1. Gestillte Sehnsucht

2. Geistliches Wiegenlied

Benjamin Britten: The salley gardens

Ludwig van Beethoven: from Irish folk songs W.o.O 154

No. 3 The Farewell Song

Ludwig van Beethoven: from Welsh folk songs W.o.O 155

No. 25 The parcng kiss

No. 26 Good Night

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