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Nadezhda Oomens


Netherlands, Netherlands

Our good friend (Well .. mother of a friend of ours) Irina lives in Zaparozhye (Ukraine) and will turn 50 tomorrow. Her son is currently in a hospital 150km away from her with a breakdown due to all the shelling and rockets. He is already on the mend, but not yet able to go home. So on her 50th birthday Irina is at home without family. Irina is committed to the army and repairs clothes and makes bags and belts for them. She gets the stuff delivered and costs her nothing. It is voluntary work and therefore there is no money in return. So she can't buy anything for her birthday. Apart from the 50 euros a month that we can spare, she has nothing. (Today we put 20 extra on her bill for a cake for tomorrow and a bunch of flowers) For her birthday I want to raise an amount of 250 euros through donations, so that she sees that we don't forget her and with this put our heart under the belt that it will all pass and everything will be fine again. I hope that there are people who want to help .. every little bit ensures that we reach our goal.

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