Nesrine's College Dream
Nesrine's College Dream
Nesrine's College Dream
Netherlands, Netherlands
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My story
My name is Nesrine Chaara and I was born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am 19 years old and I have one older sister and three younger sisters. My mom is an elementary teacher and my dad is a florist. My friends describe me as a caring, helpful, honest and dedicated person. I am now in my second to last year of my study Media, Information and Communication. I chose this direction because since I was a little girl it was my dream to work in the film industry. I have a passion for writing and when people tell me stories I always visualize it.

Since we live in a world where the line between professionals and amateurs fades and where everybody can be their own journalist and make their own videos and documentaries. I would like to go back to when it did matter what kind of footage was used to create a film or documentary and people were not dependent on brands and companies. My lifelong dream is to make films and documentaries that touch people and gives meaning to their lives. To accomplish my goal I want to study abroad at the Full Sail University in the United States.

Not just my gain
I call upon fundraising as I believe I can add value to the world of media by becoming a better professional and gain world experience. At the moment I have tried everything in my power to collect the money by working 2 jobs the last two years and no vacations, but regrettably due to study costs I was not able to collect the required amount to go abroad. Next to this I will not be allowed to work when abroad, making it even harder as the budget went way up due to this.

 What separates my plea from others is that I am not solely basing my fundraising mission around my own gain. For every 50 euro that I get I will to do one hour of volunteer work for women and minority groups that are near to my heart like Women’s Shelters, retirement homes and different kind of charities like Make A Wish and KIKA. As I already was planning to perform such work after my studies, I want to give them a possibility to voice their concern in a correct way. Therefore, during this time I will be connecting with these people and record them to give them a voice in our society. If you have any recommendations of organisations where I can volunteer please let me know.

 The videos I will make can be viewed on All money will go directly to my tuition costs and I will publish a bar graph to show you how much hours of volunteer work I will do at which organisations.

And last but not least thank you for all your support and help spread the word!