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im having a hard time see really my apartment and stuff is all I have... i have schitzophrenia and it makes well long story ahort people dont wana be around me or talk to me simply because im a little different im lonely my job options are limited my family doesnt talk to me i cant make friends i turn to u4help

I am just Different. I am just alone. I just don’t have the resources to get help threw family or friends or people acquainted with! So I turn to the public for help! I’ll tell you about me ... I’m not to much of a people person these days I went from loving people and being energetic and happy and positive and all kinds of upbeat to spiraling into an overwhelmed anxiety driven skittish sad negative no motivation person.. no I didn’t just get lazy! I have schizophrenia the crappiest disease really you can have since your mind is essentially the make up of your life having one that has different perceptions and beliefs and obscene fears and other thoughts that are in no way things that should cross anyone’s mind. Plus anxiety around people. Really bad. This may sound like something you can easily work passed to someone who hasn’t experienced it or seen it but no one knows what’s it’s like unless they have it there self. So anyway I spend all my time alone can’t make friends... the people that do know me see me as incapable I’m smart and crazy when really most the time I’m just overwhelmed or scared or stuck in my head. No one really likes me to much! Because I am just different I don’t take liking into talking about other people or violence or drama and I don’t have a wide range of things to talk about since most my adult life has been taken by mental illness that he gone untreated.... now that I’m on medicine and I can think clear I’m left with this shell of a being someone who wants to do so much but can only do so much! No friends no fan but a rack of bills i can’t lose my apartment it’s my safe place it’s 1125 I need to fix my car or get a new one 1000-4000 my dog needs to go to the vet1000 i don’t have essentials right now 200 insurance 165 phone 151 internete 75 other expenses 375 and after I raise the money to get current I hope I’m going to raise money for the equipment I’ll need to start my own cleaning and lawn company! So any of those reason if you donate for one or all I’d be really great full message me more if you want more info [email protected]

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