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Eindhoven, Netherlands

We sturen een brief naar het Europees Parlement. Maar waarom en hoe?

Na de verkiezingen van 751 nieuwe leden van het Europees Parlement in 2019 hebben wij, de ontwerpers van Stichting We Are,

wilde een belangrijke boodschap met elk van hen delen. Dit zou geen kritiek worden

of protest, maar een boodschap van hoop en vertrouwen in de 751 nieuwe ontwerpers van de Europese Unie voor de komende vijf jaar.

Als designcollectief geloven we in het samen met experts uit verschillende vakgebieden vormgeven en ontwikkelen van projecten,

om positieve verandering te creëren. Vanuit ons perspectief zijn dezelfde aspecten van toepassing op het project van deze nieuwe 751-ontwerpers:

de Europese Unie.


Door een brief te sturen aan elk lid van het Europees Parlement, willen we hen aanmoedigen hoopvol en creatief te blijven in het proces van hervorming van Europa.

Het allerbelangrijkste is dat we van ontwerper tot ontwerper ons vertrouwen willen uiten en hen willen bedanken voor al het werk dat ze in de toekomst voor ons allemaal en de Europese Unie zullen doen.

Dankzij de bezoekers van Dutch Design Week 2019 zijn we erin geslaagd om genoeg geld in te zamelen om 202 brieven te verzenden, waardoor we 549 brieven over hadden om te verzenden.

Om de resterende brieven te kunnen verzenden, hebben we uw hulp nodig.

Door te doneren helpt u ons om alle kosten voor de productie en verzending van deze brieven naar Brussel te dekken. Voor het versturen van alle brieven moeten we in totaal 1.500, - verzamelen .

Help ons ervoor te zorgen dat alle leden van het Europees Parlement dit bericht ontvangen.


Je kunt de volledige brief hier en onder deze tekst beluisteren:



Bedankt voor uw steun van ons allemaal bij Foundation We Are .

Deel dit probleem met je vrienden en help ons om alle 751 brieven te ontvangen.


Bernhard Lenger

Kornelia Dimitrova

Maxime Benvenuto

Lucandrea Baraldi

Daeun Lim

Hannah van Luttervelt

Jella van Eck

Karen van Luttervelt

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Luister of lees hieronder de Letter of Europe!

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Welcome to your mandate as a Member of the European Parliament. Foundation We Are, based in the Netherlands, congratulates you for entering office as one of the 751 designers of Europe for the next five years. This letter contains no flagships of protest, calls to action nor political demands of any sort. 

On May 23/25/26 2019, you were entrusted by your people to build a Europe that embodies their hopes and dreams. Over the next five years you will have the honour and responsibility to justify this trust. Without a doubt, this will be a daunting task that will require you to be wise, creative and flexible.

Indeed, you will need to consider yourself a legislative designer, as every action and decision you take will inadvertently impact the formation of the EU and the lives of currently 513.5 million people. Over the next five years you will implement distinct techniques in the conceptualisation, creation and communication of legislation. You will not forget that Europe is a project founded on a simple concept – fostering peace, prosperity and equality across the continent.

From a designer’s perspective the Brexit referendum is not indicative of the end of the European project. Rather it is just one of the phenomena which indicate that Europe must continue its re-iteration. We hope you keep in mind that by its very nature, the European project is a collaborative interdisciplinary effort, reaching far throughout history, cultures, expertises and urgencies. A project that traces its origins in the Enlightenment. A project that is rooted in the shared determination to never again let another world war take place .When you remember this, you will be certain that it cannot and will not fail. 

The very existence of Foundation We Are has been made possible thanks to European Union, especially because it facilitates free cultural movement and exchange. We met in the Netherlands, but we are originally from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Korea and the Netherlands. Foundation We Are believes that every profession must do its part in formulating this transformation – engineers, lawyers, politicians, teachers, academics, doctors, data scientists, as well as architects and designers, among many others. This is why we have established Foundation We Are. 

We have heard the urgency for design and architecture to channel their agency and creativity to addressing, facilitating, consulting and re-imagining the great societal challenges that the European project is facing. As any project, its solid functioning needs ideation, research, communication, criticism, prototyping and stakeholder involvement, among many techniques that we use in our work. Most of all, a project needs hope. Even in the darkest hour, we trust you will remain hopeful for the future of Europe. Because you know that no good will come from actions motivated by fear. So we trust that you will stand up to those who instigate fear, you will inspire hope in all of us.

Look back at your community and keep your eyes and mind open to hear the many designers and architects that want to collaborate with you in re-creating the European Union. Should you need it, we would happily support you in your search for collaboration.

We want to thank you for your (future) service, especially in the hard moments – keeping the train on track while the Brexit dilemma unfolds, while climate change becomes more evident, while we face our failure to meet the ambitions of COP21, while the rule of law is challenged. Despite facing these challenges, we trust you will remain hopeful throughout the entire span of your employment in Brussels. You will never allow the democratic process to be clouded by unethical use of personal data. Above all, you will never let fear guide your judgement, and you will work relentlessly to establish the rule of law throughout the continent. 

Finally, we wish you all the best in your mandate and we thank you in advance for all the work you will do for the future of the European Union. Stay hopeful and think of the Europe you want to see in five years. Set your course towards a constructive and collaborative Europe and remain relentless. Remember that it is in your hands to design the next version of Europe.

Yours sincerely,

Bernhard Lenger (AU), 

Kornelia Dimitrova (BG), 

Maxime Benvenuto (FR), 

Lucandrea Baraldi (IT), 

Daeun Lim (KR/US), 

Hannah van Luttervelt (NL), 

Jella van Eck (NL), 

Karen van Luttervelt (NL)

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Om het Europees Parlement aan te moedigen hoopvol en creatief te blijven in het proces van hervorming van Europa, ondanks de Brexit en internationale uitdagingen, sturen we een brief aan elk van de leden van het Europees Parlement.
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