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Anke Kwachenera


, Oekraïne

hello well wishers, let us take this time to help a student in need stuck in a foreign country with no funds to help him finish his college degree or support his living expenses.

Shawn is a young boy from Zimbabwe, studying abroad and facing difficulties to raise his tuition fees as the family cannot support him due to the economic crisis in the country. He has currently stopped attending classes and is now working to raise money for his tuition but the salary he gets is not enough to cater for everything besides accommodation and living expenses.

Now this is the part were you come in, Let us help Shawn reach his goal to pay for his tuition fees to continue studying medicine in Ukraine as well as renew his residence permit before it expires. 

We really appreciate your support and thank you in advance.

€ 20.000 Doelbedrag

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