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The ATS Team


Madrid, Spanje

Dear Team,

One of our Team members is going through a hard time and needs our support.

At the very beginning of this year, Isaac, who is originally from Ecuador and lives in Spain, received very bad news in regards to his mother's health.

For the sake of privacy, I am not going to elaborate on the medical matter, but Isaac had to go home urgently to take care of the situation, when her situation improved he came back to Europe to joint the Team in Germany.

His mum, who is now recovering very well, needed to be hospitalized urgently. Because of the Covid-19 situation there was no other solution then to send her to a private hospital, which we all know is ridiculously expensive.

The reality is Isaac took all his savings, got a loan on top and flew to Ecuador...

Basically all the money that he is now earning is used to reimburse that loan and he barely has any money.

This is why I am reaching out to all of you, I feel I must do something.

So, please understand, this is 100% your own choice, no obligations of course, we all have our priorities, but even the smallest donation can make a difference. I feel we, as a team, must help our friends through rough times.

Isaac, does not know of me putting this together, I kindly ask everyone who wishes to donate, to do this anonymously or just mention "The Team".

Enough said! Thank you for your time.

All my best


€ 665

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