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Fernanda Gonzales


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Hi! I’m Fernanda, I’m from Peru living in Israel.

Peru is a country with a lot of dogs living in the streets, suffering the cold weather (in my city, Cusco), searching food in the trash, getting hits by people because they try to enter to places to protect themselves from the rain or just because they are begging for food. It’s a very sad scene, a way to start controlling this situation is castrations because there’s overpopulation of street dogs, sadly the authorities of my country/city don’t consider this an important problem. Sometime there’s campaigns of veterinarians but we are just few people that care for the dogs that live in the street. Me and my cousin always used to buy food and feed them, when there was rain we entered them to our homes, we helped with castrations, all of this from our own money. We help as much as we can but never it’s enough because we find lot of dogs in each step. I moved to Israel for many reasons, but my cousin continues doing the labor in Cusco, Peru.

I used to think that Israel will be a different scene about this because it’s a country from first world not as my country from third world, but I found myself with the same scenery but this time with cats, it’s amazing the amount of cats that live in the streets, the way that the authorities care for this is try to catch them, doing the castrations and free them again in the streets, But it seems not being enough, in the time I’m here I found lot of kittens that need special formula, special bottles to be feeding, hot blankets, and more things to keep them alive and then I search families to adopt them. And for the cat in the street I always buy wet, dry food and water to give them. It’s heartbreaking seeing them so skinny and in bad conditions. 

It’s that the reason I created this, because Israel it’s a very very very expensive country so if in my country I could feed 5 dogs with 3 dollars here with the same amount is one can of food for 1-2 hungry cats. So I would like your help to continue helping the animals that live in the street. 

Your donation will be for food for adult cats and special formula and tools to save the kittens. 

Use me as your instrument to help the animals from the street. 

Thank you so much

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