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VDL Concept


, Sint Maarten

Victims of Incest - Divorced Parents - Orfins. To give children a better life and help them with education - school and give them a normal live because the Island is still destroid and have to be rebuilt

In 2016 the Island of Saint Maarten was totaly destroid due to a huricane. 

Almost everybody lost their home, school, social things etc.

Children were lost and delivered to the goodwill of some people 

Many children lost their parents - Family - Relatives and are all alone

We as VDL Concept will try to give these children a new life trough education.

Theirfore we need to buy books- schoolboards- and convince teachers to help.

At this moment we already have a schoolbuilding , one of the buildings that survived the hurricaine

We have 3 teachers who are willing to work for free during the next two years and help the children.

In the same building we have room for 40 children to stay and live 

We also need to buy beds- showers - etc for these children. Their is a kitchen but no accesoires like fire to cook on etc

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