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Paying the costs of treatment for diabetics and providing them with treatment in my region, in light of the difficult circumstances in the Corona pandemic.

The amount required

Reaching 5,000 euros

25 € = 1000 Small Business Environmental Leaflets

 50 € = 8 secure and encrypted email accounts (per month)

 € 150 = the cost of an introductory place to speak with 10 to 30 outreach sensors

 € 250 = three huge main banners used during our big business

 € 500 = monthly rent for a headquarters and space for artworks

 € 1,000 = water, toilets and other necessary utilities, used during big business

Paypal fast and instant link:

Long press on the link to copy it and open it in Google

Thank you all for your kindness, you are wonderful and you have humanity and love of goodness ... Help me reach my goal

€ 5.000 Doelbedrag

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