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Shawintala Banwarie


Netherlands, Netherlands

I'm doing a fundraiser for a good friend. She is a women's rights activist and she had to leave her country because she was being threatened by the local authorities. They threatened her because she was fighting for the rights of woman and she pressed charges against a politician who sexually abused her. Recently she has been granted asylum after having spent more than one and a half year in several asylum seekers' centres. She can use some financial support to be able to pick up her life again and to be able to purchase her furniture. Asylum seekers do receive an allowance for their household effects, but it is very small. And she also really wants to start an education here and start a new life. She does not ask much for the financial support; every bit helps. I would be really grateful for that. If you want to know more you can always message me!

€ 215

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