Aangemaakt door :

Ali Fakih


Beiroet, Libanon

After the outrageous explosion of Beirut, thousands of people lost their jobs and home. with this fundraising we are trying to help those in need. Human to human we stand together.

This is to my friends all over the world because for the Lebanese these are daily facts:

- Imagine if all your life savings are gone in 15 seconds 

- Imagine if the house you built is now just a shell

- Imagine if you cannot access your own money in the bank or restricted to the amount you can withdraw

- Imagine if your daily preoccupation is when the electricity power is on and you can do a load of washing

- Imagine if you have to buy water and pay 2 electricity bills

- Imagine if you have to send your kids to school with an empty roll of bread

- Imagine if you get shot at for peacefully protesting against a corrupt government 

- Imagine if you cannot transfer money to your child who is studying overseas

- Imagine if you have to beg for your basic human rights 

- Imagine if the air you breathe is polluted from the uncollected garbage 

- Imagine if you cannot trust the expiry date on a product because it could be tampered with. The same goes for medicine 

... and just imagine living in constant fear and anxiety!!

In addition to the above being jobless because of the explosion that happened on the 4th of august.

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