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Râmnicu Vâlcea, Roemenië

Wij willen graag een inzameling doen voor hondjes in Roemenië die het niet redden zonder onze steun. Uw bijdrage zal de lokale opvang helpen met onderdak, eten en dierenarts kosten

In the public shelter in Feteni-Valcea are about 500 stray dogs. For those dogs, their deaths is prepared from 2020. The Mayor of Ramnicu Valcea wants these dogs to be euthanized, despite the volunteer efforts to help the local authorities and the dogs enclosed in this shelter. A new veterinarian was hired and appointed to euthanize.

Volunteers and members of animal welfare associations have tried to help the dogs in the public shelter of Feteni in Ramnicu Valcea with food, cages, pallets, baskets, straw, sterilizations and other operations and treatments, promotion for adoption, adoptions, in order to reduce spending from the local budget to maintain these dogs, and keep a constant number of dogs in shelter in order not to exceed the maximum admissible capacity. So over the last five years we have fed the dogs in this shelter three times a week in three different days, with 400 kg of dry adult / day food and about 50 kg of dry and humid junior food / day (depending on the number of puppies existing). We provided over 200 wooden cages, over 200 pallets, over 300 sleeping baskets, 172 OSB boards and 200 bowls for food. We have assured hundreds of straw bales for the dogs’ straw during the cold season. We have organized sterilization campaigns in the public shelter for hundreds of dogs, avoiding unwanted breeding and thus helping the veterinarian and reducing the costs supported by the town hall. We have made possible the adoption of hundreds of dogs in this shelter, encouraging responsible and effective adoptions at local, national and international levels. There is also a group of students in our town who chose to devote their time before Christmas and Easter to these dogs! They organize shows, and the money raised is used by them to buy dry food and they come and make are huge happyness to their voiceless friends before the holidays. Because, they say, Santa must come to every being! Moreover, they encourage adoptions of these dogs among their friends and persuade their parents to let them go home with a new friend from the shelter!

Until now, our contribution and good collaboration with the city hall have ensured a good functioning of the homeless dogs shelter in Feteni, Ramnicu Valcea. We do not understand why the Mayor of Ramnicu Valcea ordered the employment of another veterinarian at the Feteni public shelter, willing to euthanize all the dogs, since things were doing well with the old doctor (but who refused euthanasia!). We do not understand how it is possible to have a veterinarian who lives in another city, different from ours and at a considerable distance! This new veterinarian already has a contract with another public shelter in his hometown, a shelter with hundreds of dogs that are kept in terrible conditions and who are euthanized periodically! How will this new doctor give the first aid to a sick or agony dog from tens or hundreds of miles? Why is this doctor willing to euthanisia some dogs that get real help and where the EUTHANASIA PROBLEM HAS NEVER BEEN DISCUSSED? Why does the Mayor and the Mayoralty of Ramnicu Valcea fight against us and not join us in solving the problem of dogs in public shelter Feteni?

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