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Margret Aerts


, Nepal

Nepal is more than 2 months in lockdown. No tourists, no job, no income for the guides and porters working in the tourism field. How to survive without an income?

Hello, my name is Margret Aerts. Maybe some of you already know me and my long years connexxion with Nepal.

I am a big mountain lover and thats how it all started in Nepal. I come there many years and during this time I did several small projects to improve

the life circumstances of children and my family and friends in Nepal.

We faced hard times after the earthquakes and now there is the Corona crisis!

Nepal is for more than 2 months in lockdown. No tourists, no job, no money. How to survive daily life?

If you are lucky there are some shops open for a few hours in the morning. The prices are increasing every day!

During all the years I am there I always go into the mountains with the company Nepal Planet Treks and Expeditions, runned by Sanjib Adhikari and family and Guides and Porters Team.

It is extremely hard for them right now to survive.

If you ever did a trekking or a tour with Sanjib Adhikari or one of his teammembers..came as a client and left as a friend..please help out a bit and support so that they can survive coming months.

Every little bit helps!

How to manage to pay rent,food, without an income?

Thanks so much!

Feel free to contact me with a private message on fb or to contact Sanjib.

I am sure they have many friends from all over the world, lets stand together to help them for the coming months!


Thank you so much!!

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