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Miroslav Francuski


NS, Servië

  1. My brother Miroslav Francuski suffers from Chronic Granulomatosis (a rare disease). The disease is manifested by purulent abscesses on the liver and internal organs. His treatment always starts in Serbia, but unfortunately, after all the analyzes and therapies, Serbian doctors always honestly tell us that in Serbia they do not have professional staff nor equipment for this type of disease. We treated him at our own expense in Germany for years, but in 2010 we ran into major financial problems. That year was a crucial year when we pledged everything for the life of my brother who was saved in Munich at the LMU clinic. As our health care does not cover the costs of treatment abroad, and after the death of our father, the main financier of our family, we are now forced to raise funds for treatment through donations. Miroslav has been in a hospital in Serbia since the end of July, in relatively good condition, mobile and able to go to Germany for treatment on his own. Liver abscesses must be repaired by doctors at the LMU clinic as soon as possible in order not to lead to major complications in his body. We are asking people who have good will to get involved in this action in order to save the life of a young man who has yet to start a family and continue to live a normal life like all of us

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