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Mijon Tangye


, Filipijnen

Hello everyone! I am Mijon, an 18 year old theatre student from the Philippines and I would like to get a Presonus Studio One Professional to up my game in the music industry. If you donate, I will try my best to thank you in any way possible, maybe by making a cover of a song you like, or making an original song! :)

Hello everyone! First of all, I’d like to say thank you for clicking this. I really do appreciate you taking your time to read this.

I have just turned 18 and would like to spread my music worldwide. Music and Theatre have been my passion ever since I was little and I already fulfilled my dream of becoming a theatre arts student in my dream university (University of the Philippines). I would like to up my game in the music industry and share my music to the whole world.

If you want to check out more of my music, you may go here:


If you do donate, I may also try and make a cover of a song you like!

Once again, thank you for this opportunity, and for reading until the end. Hoping for your considerations!


Mijon Tangye

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