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Help me to help my village in Lebanon before it is too late:

The number of people who live in poverty grows rapidly. The main reason is because the Lebanese currency has almost totally lost its value. People have to pay top dollar to 'survive'. Essentials are either not available nor affordable. Electricity is a luxury nowadays. Fuel and diesel are more and more difficult to become and limited if you are lucky to purchase it at all.

My relatives, friends and loved ones need help desperately. Will you help me to help them before it is too late?

Who am I?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Waldo, I am Lebanese and 31 years old. I grew up in a loving christian family in one of the small villages in Mount Lebanon. I had the best parents a child could wish for. They provided me with everything you need when growing up. There was plenty of food, I was well dressed, got a good education, had lots of friends and never even dreamt of leaving my country.

I love Lebanon with all my heart.

What changed?

When I became older, I found out that some things are more complicated than you can see when you are young. I discovered that my sexuality was a 'problem'. At least something you didn't talk about or be proud of. The country I love made clear to me that ' they' didn't accept me the way I was born. Therefore I had to leave Lebanon three years ago to try and find a better future among people who accept me the way I am with all my differences and preferences.

I came to the Netherlands and this is where I met Henk Fioole. We are together since the moment we met. Together we want to help as many families as possible in the Mount Lebanon region. During the years that I'm in the Netherlands, I stayed in daily contact with my family, friends and loved ones who are still in Lebanon.

In the mean time...

A lot happened since I left. Last Year on 4th of August there was the enormous blast in Beirut. The 3rd biggest in history of men kind. It had a huge impact on the country and it's inhabitants. My heart blead for everyone who encountered this horror. 218 people died, over 7000 got injured and over 300.000 people lost their homes. The estimate is that there is a property damage of 15 billion dollar.

After this tragedy Lebanon sank even further in the financial crises it was in and that seems not at it's end yet. The government didn't step in or solved it so far. Because of all of this, the Lebanese currency has lost its value to a point that it is almost worthless. People have to pay top dollar to live or better to survive. It is logical that poverty is getting a bigger and bigger problem. This causes even more problems. There is no social- and no medical plan. For short: no work, no income; no income, no food of other basics.

Going to the hospital is for many of the inhabitants no longer affordable because they have to pay themselves for the provided care (no medical plan). Medication is scarce of not available at all. This in combination with Corona makes it a very hard situation.

Why donate?

My people need help and we want to help them as much as we can. Therefore, we ask you to donate whatever you can miss so we can help them together and provide them with the most elementary things.

Our plan:

Before we started with this plan we asked the local authority, the major, what they need the most right now. For starters we will provide the villages we selected and spoken to with boxes. These boxes will contain primarily supplies like water, rice, soup, powder milk, etc. But also elementary for the children to go to school like pens, notebooks, rulers, and so on. Also, those basic things are not available anymore. They also asked us to provide them with clothes for the upcoming fall and winter especially for the kids.

To make sure that all the goods arrive at their destination we talked to the ambassador of Lebanon in the Hague (in person) and to the Dutch embassy in Lebanon. They both gave us their full commitment so we are guaranteed that all the goods reach where they are needed the most.

We have a team ready to distribute everything the minute we have sent the goods. The major, who is a devoted member of our team, will see to it that everyone gets the help they need.

Any donation is a blessing. Thank you on behalf of everyone, who will receive help for your kindness.

If you want to correspond:

e-mail: [email protected]

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