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Waste management has emerged as one of Greece's most difficult environmental, political, legal, and social issues in recent years. Greece has been reprimanded by the European Court of Justice on multiple times for failing to comply with the provisions of European Waste Management Law, including a judgment under Article 228(2)(b) EC1 and a ruling under Article 228(2)(c) EC1.

According to the data listed by the greek prime minister on the waste management in greece, greece has a huge issue when it comes to illegal dumping as there re 53 illegal landfills in greece. Of them, 22 are on the islands and 21 in the peloponnese, becoming the second biggest country in the EU to illegally dump their waste, also 24th in the european union in recycling.

Also greece recycles only 15% against its target of 37%, with a municipal waste that accounts for only 15% of the country's total waste.

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