Help Me Get Through University
Help Me Get Through University
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My name is Fezi, I'm 19 and I'm from Swaziland. I am a graduate of UWCSA Waterford Kamhlaba, and I have obtained my IB Diploma. My passion is in computers and computer science, but I really want to study artificial intelligence. I have recently been accepted to Groningen University in the Netherlands, for the bachelor programme of artificial intelligence. This was truly a dream come true, besides for the massive elephant in the room. I can't afford the tuition and cost of living. Groningen is my dream university and that is why I have started this campaign to raise funds for my education. The goal amounts to tuition and part of the living costs for the duration of the bachelor programme, which is three years. The course starts this September and I wish to raise the necessary funds, at least for the first 2 years, by August. Please help my dreams come true by donating any amount of money.