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I saw my father for the first time 3 years ago at the alimony hearing. It hasn't contributed anything to me in my life. My mother had a business that was going well and went bankrupt. I could not continue my school. It is very difficult to live in Turkey as a woman. You cannot seek your rights in the country because there is no justice. you work, you don't get paid. economy is very bad. management extreme bad. Freedom of belief, freedom of expression, freedom to live there are none here. Everything is very expensive. Turkish lira is losing value day by day. Refugees are constantly coming to the country and they rape women. I am scared. All I want is to go to Canada and study there. I've been on scholarship all my life, but now I'm exhausted. I also have healing skills and would like to study on it. Please hear my voice and support me. I'd appreciate it. It's a big dream for me, but a small sacrifice for you. thank you for everything!

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