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Milou Odekerken


Maastricht, Nederland

This is a fundraise for the people of Palu and surrounding areas in Sulawesi that got hit by an earthquake on September 28 2018

In december 2017, I visited the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. A beautiful place with the most friendly, generous and welcoming people I've ever met. I stayed in a remote village with Nasrul and his family who made me feel at home when I was so far away from my own.

Last friday, the message of an earthquake hitting Sulawesi dominated the news. At least 1200 people lost their lives, thousands lost their homes. This number is still increasing, because there hasn't been any contact with certain areas. It is even feared that entire communities have been killed because of mudslides hitting the villages.

I contacted Nasrul to get a grip of their situation. Luckily, their village wasn't located in the destroyed area. But parts of their family do live there. Until today (1st of October) they couldn't get in touch with their family. They don't know where they are, and if they are still alive.

Nasrul told me their village already collected money to buy essentials like food and water for the people in Palu, a city near the epicenter of the earthquake. His brother and a team of volunteers are currently on their way to reach Palu to hand out the collected food, water and clothes. But more help is needed.

To be able to help Nasrul, his family and people of Palu I want to collect an amount of €2500 to give them the life saving support they currently need. It is heartwarming to see that people who don't own a lot make such an effort to help others, so why wouldn't we do the same? The collected money will go to Nasrul and his team and will be used for the very basic needs like clean water, food, tents and clothes. These are necessities in the current situation to keep people in the destroyed areas alive.

Thank you for reading this story and thank you even more if giving a donation!

Small or big, Nasrul, his family and the people of Palu will be forever grateful.

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