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Regina Renia


, Polen

I am aware that the most important problem is what is currently happening in the world - the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, I also have to think about what is now and what will happen later.

I have been running a sole proprietorship business (self-employment) for 7 years, unfortunately, what happened now in connection with COVID-19 has caused my company to lose liquidity.

I set up a fundraiser to survive this difficult situation, because this company is the only thing I have, for which I have worked hard for several years. I have fees, loans and other expenses.

Over the years, work every day for several hours a day, without holidays and rest. Just a year ago, it seemed to me that everything was going in the right direction, the company was growing and I was hoping that in the next few years I would be able to slow down, rest, think about motherhood. Unfortunately, my plans and hopes collapsed like a house of cards.

The situation is difficult, revenues have fallen noticeably, but unfortunately the financial obligations need to be regulated further. I want to survive it, but I can't do it without financial advice / support.

I am a young woman after 30 years of age. I am aware that only hard work can be achieved, unfortunately now hard work in the era of what is happening becomes impossible, because the company does not win orders.

I know that there are many companies in this situation, not just mine. Nobody influenced it and no one was at fault. Unfortunately, you can't count on help from our Polish government. Entrepreneurs are forced to either close their operations completely or suspend, because the help offered does not provide even minimal help.

I will be grateful for any help.

Thank you

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