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Sandy Stivanello


Nea Filadelfeia, Griekenland

Filozoikos Nea Filadelfeia (Athens) is a shelter for stray dogs (70) and cats (400) runned by 7 volunteers with no financial support from the government. Please help them by donating or (virtually) adopt a dog or cat.

Please help this wonderful group of 7 volunteers whose mission is the care and the protection of stray animals that are living within the region of the Municipality of Nea Filadelphia in Athens, Greece.

They desperately need donations for the shelter - their operational costs are 3,000-5,000 euros per month. They are able to raise about 1,000 euros per month from private donations and the remainder is gathered from the volunteers.

Even as little as 5 euros can make a difference! (5 euros will feed a puppy for 3 days or a kitten for 8

The Friends of Animals - NF rescue shelter For more details, please see the website http://friendsofanimals-nf.com/en/

€ 105 van € 500
21% gefinancierd

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