Aangemaakt door :

Abubakari Iddrisu


Larabanga, Ghana

Hallo, ik, Abubakari wil in Ghana mensen helpen om betaalbare medicijnen te kunnen kopen, en geen woekerprijzen te vragen.

Hello Everybody,

My name is

Iddrisu Abubakari, friends call me Bukas

I was born and raised in Laribanga within an extended family setup in my community.

Growing up in a predominantly tourism zone where the nation has the Laribanga Mystic

Stone, the Laribanga Ancient Mosque and the Mole National Park,

I had a education to Nursing Training College where I acquired a certificate in Clinical Assistance.

The Mustangh foundation helps me to achieve my goals. (

Because of The Corona Virus, I want to help people 

to get there medicine, so I want to start selling the medicine at a

normal price and not at high prices as is happening in some places.

To start this I need a starting kapital so please help me to get started.


I also get help from a Family in Holland ( The Netherlands)

Johan and Wilma Mierop helps me and my Family.

They also help me on the website.

€ 10

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