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Here is Blessing Ezechi, a Mother of 3 living in abject poverty after her Husband neglected Her and the Poor Little Children for 7 years to suffer in hardship. She has been through a lot during these Past Years and finally cried for help and assistance. 

Blessing Ezechi lives in a slum in River State, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Blessing’s case became worse because of the pandemic and this triggered her to break the silence and seek financial assistance to be able to further her Children’s Education and also set up a business to help continue to raise and nurture her children. 

We are urgently seeking to help raise funds to help Blessing and her Children live a better life. 

Pls Donate to this cause and help Save A Soul. 

The Funds we receive would be used to help Blessing set up a business that can help her continue to raise and nurture her children. We would also use the funds to give Blessing’s Children quality education. We would put them in a conducive environment and get a better and affordable house rented for them.

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