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Elize Kraaijenhof Reed


Netherlands, Netherlands

Help a grandma hug her grandchildren. My heart cries out to see my beautiful grandchildren, Marinda, JP and Lizzie and my daughter Lee-Anne.

But let me start at the beginning. My name is Elize Kraaijenhof Reed, but better known to all my friends and family as Lisa and my husband Joop.

Our daughter and grandchildren live in South Africa and until 2017 we managed to visit them once every two years.

In 2019 we planned to visit them but then came the dreaded coronavirus that put an end to all our plans.

We thought okay, we can postpone it for another year. But again 2020 was a lost year as Covid 19 took over and again there was no chance of a visit.

Dear friends, family and facebook followers you are probably wondering what my story is about and what my purpose is, and why I approach strangers asking for money to reunite me with my family.

I am completely dependent on a power wheelchair, and am a very independent woman who takes pride in being able to do just about anything for myself without having to ask for help, but some things have just proved to be outside of my ability.

Early this year I was diagnosed with diabetes, which came as a shock to me and turned my whole life inside out. Added to the cost of my diabetes, medication ect. though my husband Joop recovered well from major surgery with chemotherapy and radiation for esophageal cancer, we have the costs of my husbands special diet as well.

Our individual diets are as different as black and white, so grocery shopping and cooking for both of us is a daily challenge, and costs a fortune. Unfortunately, a large part of our savings for the planned trip at the end of 2021 has been used to cover medical costs and our special diet costs.

Being the independent woman that I am, it is very difficult for me to ask financial aid from strangers to help me with donations to reunite with my grandchildren and daughter.

I hope you all can find it in your heart to donate what you can spare and thank you for reading my request.

Greetings Lisa and Joop 

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