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Caroline Jansen


Monchique, Portugal

Seven puppies were born in the wild in Monchique in the Algarve Portugal and brought to the canil "Amigos dos cães de Monchique". Together with our Belgian friends and family here in Monchique, we managed to find a new home in Belgium for each one of them. Normally they would fly together with volunteers to Eindhoven in the Netherlands, but due to covid 19 and the obliged expensive test to enter the country, together with the obliged 14 days of quarantine, we can't find volunteers at this moment. That's why good friends and amazing dog lovers offered to take them from Portugal to Belgium their selves by car . Because we have to rent a van, pay tolls and fuel, this will cost a lot more than the flights. That's why we decided to organize a crowd funding. We ask all of you to help these puppies to get to their new homes. If every dog lover donates just a few euros, we can give these cuties a new forever home. In case we collect more than we need for the trip, the rest of the money will be donated to the canil of Monchique to place wooden floors in the benches. Together we can do this! Thank you very much!

€ 810 van € 2.000
40.5% gefinancierd

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