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Een rauwe documentaire over de grillige reis van een voormalig vluchteling van Lesbos naar Nederland en de opbouw van zijn nieuwe bestaan hier. De fysieke, maar ook psychologische reis van Syrië, Lesbos, AZC naar een zelfstandig bestaan in Nederland wordt gedetailleerd in beeld gebracht.

Hi there! Thanks for visiting our crowdfunding. Together with Tamer Alalloush who was stranded at Lesbos on his journey to the Netherlands, I will be making a pure, raw documentary of what is going on around the refugee camps in Lesbos from a different perspective. I want to show not only the hardship refugees go through from a first person perspective, but also show that they're human beings, which is portrayed differently in a lot of media. By immersing the viewer into the life of the refugee, I want to remove any fears or misconceptions they may have. After Lesvos, we will display the new life of a former Refugee who was given the chance to rebuild his existence in the Netherlands.

It hurts me to see people being set up against each other for political ends, and would love to have a more inclusive society without xenophobia, and part of what makes my life meaningful is to use my capacities as filmmaker with a neuropsychological background to inspire people and lift prejudice.

Another aspect of the ‘refugee crisis’ is the fact that during WW II, tens of thousands of Europeans have been welcomed in Arabic countries such as Syria. The documentary should convey the message that the refugees are not taking, but giving to our society. And when we were in trouble, we were welcomed so why shouldn’t we welcome them?

Returning the favor

Apart from the sheer gratitude I have for your donation, I would also like to give something back as a token of appreciation for your donation, which is specified next to the donation amount. Anything from 10 will be rewarded, and you'll secure a seat at the premiere for 80 or more euro, including the rewards of lower amounts.

If the movie will be profitable, which is a significant possibilty if licensed at educational institutions, art cinemas and television like earlier projects, all excess funds will go to funds supporting refugee / climate action. The impact of your euro will be amplified in this case versus a regular donation : It will be the seed of societal, thought provoking impact of the movie. It will be distributed in schools and universities and your euro will end up in funds going towards NGO's helping refugees.

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