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Mercy and Faith Ministries


Kampen, Nederland

Online Evangelism and Ministry training.

The 50Days of discipleship is an online Bible school, to help believers and pastors (for free) to be equipped in ministry work. We have a

global reach and we do this for free. For costs we make, we kindly ask for donations. We have to pay rent, we send books, we help churches with schooling programs, we help with Bibles, traveling costs, development of new courses, Bible teachers, etc. We need your support! With your support you can help a pastor to grow his church and to have a certificate for his registration. We see through our teachings of

the 50Days of discipleship, the impact on the community. Spiritual growth has an effect on the people and the community.

We supply now 2 programs, the 50Days of Discipleship and The Weak Become Strong. Now we have over 8000 students. We have students in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, India, Pakistan and many more countries. We preach the Gospel and show the love of Jesus. The people in the poorest areas are so happy to be able to study the Bible and receive a certificate.

We also want to establish a centre in Africa to be able to distribute Bibles and books. You can give you can give mentioning 'Discipleship' or 'Bibles'.

 Please donate and support.

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