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Nathasja Wust


Sal Rei, Kaapverdië

We are helping the beach dogs and locals now there are no salaries as there is no work, to buy food or to give food to the dogs and cats. Follow our page Boa Vista Carefy and see what we are doing every week

As you may all know is almost everybody depend of Tourism here on Boa Vista. As now the tourism stopped, there are no salaries anymore, but rent, water&electricity, food bills has to be paid. The little money families are having has to go to this bills, what makes them hopeless by feeding their families. Because how they can buy food, if all the money you have, has to go to the rent. Because if you don't pay rent, it means no work and no house.

That's why we are helping the families by giving weekly foodboxes. Boxes with rice, spaghetti, vegetables, spice, soap, school material etc.

But we are not only caring about the families. We also try to care about the beach and street dogs. Because also for them, no tourism means no food from hotels, no food on the streets. Because locals need to care about themselve and about their children right now.

How can you help?

A bag of dog food €17,00 

A weekly food box for a family of 2-4 persons €10,00 

A weekly food box for a family of 4-6 persons 


But please everything helps. 

Because if 3 people donate €5,00 we also have a weekly box for 1 big family. 

Can you help us by feeding the dogs and the families?

Follow our page to be up to date (Boa Vista Carefy).

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