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Favela United Foundation


Netherlands, Netherlands

"Football for change"

Life is hard and opportunities are limited in the bairro’s (slums) of Mozambique, even more so for children. Formal and long-term employment is very hard to come by and many people are forced to earn a living from whatever opportunity presents itself. Parents find it difficult

to provide for their children and give them opportunities to flourish. Lack of education further limits their opportunities. 

In the communities of Maputo, like bairro da Polana Caniço,  many children grow up around (domestic) violence. Girls face even greater obstacles – the number of girls attending elementary school drops with each higher grade. Children from the Bairro often suffer from marginalisation and stigmatisation due to their perceived inferiority within society.

The Football for Change program of Favela United is about using the game of football for social good to make a real difference in these communities. Favela United uses football as a tool to drive social change from youth leadership to gender equility and from youth employability to violence prevention and community building.

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