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Jake Girvan


Ballynahinch, Verenigd Koninkrijk

I and my girlfriend both suffer from depression and anxiety. We where both diagnosed at young ages. She was 10 and I was 14. We where diagnosed 4 years apart but ever since we have taken care of eachother and eventually we became more than just best friends.

She has recently began to cut again and is thinking about suicide. I have been getting worse myself but I am not as bad at the current moment so my concern is her.

You see I love in Northern Ireland and she lives in England. We call everyday and even call when she going to bed. She can't sleep unless she is on call with me because we have been through a lot together and she is scared to on her own.

I am doing my best to get a job that will pay even if it is a little amount. I keep trying to find jobs and I will be doing different jobs back to back because I can't afford to waste time. I am only 17 so there is little I can do on my own.

I want to surprise her with a visit in May and be able to stay there for aslong as I can. I have college but I have spoken to them and they understand what's going on.

I am in need of help because I don't know how long she can last on her own other there so even if its for a little while. I would like to visit her so that she sees shes not alone anymore.

I know it will help her a lot because thats all she has ever wished for. I would like to make that wish come true so I can help her.

This will also give me time to be able to get jobs and everything so I can visit again soon.

I ask that you donate £1 to help. Right now I am sitting up late at night looking for places hiring while getting this sorted.

If you could donate just £1 each I would be so grateful and I promise to pay the favour on to someone else when they are in need no matter what that need is.

Thank you all for reading even if u don't plan on donating. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

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