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Winan van Houdt


Gaborone, Botswana

Our friend BK, surgical oncologist from Botswana, asked for help to purchase a surgical retractor called 'omnitract'. He is the only trained surgical oncologist in Botswana, qualified to do major oncological resections, but he lacks a decent retractor making his work difficult. Also check info and updates below

Dear Friends,

Dr. Balisi Bakanisi (BK) is a surgical oncologist from Botswana, who trained for 15 years in Canada. He is now back in Gabarone, Botswana, to further develop cancer care in Botswana. As a fully trained surgical oncologist, he is performing resections for advanced cancers, but he lacks some basic equipment that surgeons in western countries routinely use for these operations. What he needs most urgently, is a surgical retractor called 'omnitract', a retractor making these operations easier, safer and faster. See this (somewhat slow) movie to have an idea of what this is:

However, there is no budget in Botswana for this retractor. When BK asked for our help to help fund this omnitract, Winan van Houdt together with his friends Piet van der Werff, Theo van Stuijvenberg and Hans Valkenburg decided to help out and started a fundraising for this retractor. Winan van Houdt is a surgical oncologist from the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, who had the privilege to work with BK for a while as a fellow in Toronto. Therefore, also in Canada, BKs former co-workers are committed to help raise enough funds, especially Dr. Carol Swallow, Dr. Frances Wright and Dr. Savtar Brar

in the Netherlands, we are hosting a fundraising dinner on November 30 in Utrecht, the Netherlands: a beautiful location in medieval Utrecht along one of the most beautiful canals in the Netherlands, the Nieuwegracht - thanks to Theo van Stuijvenberg. There are still seats available, if you are interested email at [email protected] It will be a top class dinner with the help of, music by Lukas Batteau, Food, wine, everything is included.

On this website you can donate from everywhere in the world. We will keep you updated on the funding, also when people donate outside this website. We need 12.000 Euro in total - it is a challange so please spread this message along on social media, friends etc.

With many thanks and kind regards

Winan van Houdt

Piet van der Werff

Theo van Stuijvenberg

Hans Valkenburg

All in the Netherlands

in close collaboration with:

Savtar Brar

Carol Swallow

Frances Wright

All in Canada

€ 8.815 van € 9.000
97.9% gefinancierd

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