DOWN to EARTH Foundation
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DOWN to EARTH Foundation
Netherlands, Netherlands
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A social enterprise facilitating and accelerating the awakening and needed transformation as spearheaded by the film DOWN to EARTH. We are providing an array of programs and a platform for schools, universities, business and communities, supporting people on their way back to be responsible Earth Keepers. The DOWN to EARTH Foundation is set up to manifest this people-powered change process, so that we can become the generation that turned the tide. The Foundation will actively support the work of the social enterprise by providing programmes for individuals, communities and organisations that are unable to pay for the programmes, with a particular focus on young change makers – the leaders of tomorrow. We are asking in this festive season to give to the foundation to help us develop programs for primary schools in the Netherlands.

We want to achieve our goal to having the thoughts and questions raised and given to us by the Earth Keepers to be available to the curriculum of for the Students and Teachers of the bassis (primary) school. 

The Goal is to have a program for the Bassis (primary) school ready for April 2017. Please read more about the programs at