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Donate to start an new international social gaming platform Unique social lottery and gaming platform. Play your favorite game collect credits points. Exchange your creditpoints for social deals. online purchase of common goods.

What is I-LOT

Unique social gaming platform.P lay your favorite game collect credits points.Exchange your creditpoints for a lottery ticket or a totto ticket.The more games you play the more credit you receive.

NOTE: it is not a regular lottery as we normally know it that you have to buy with real cash you purchase by gaming time and attend on a strictly monitored base. to prevent addiction.

How it works

Social gaming means: you play games on your computer or phone. the marketing money received by game developers is sheared with the gamer. the gamer collects game points and use those to collect a lotterij ticket. By doing so you can become a winner independent from where you live.


I-Lot startup in the making that completely renews the gaming market. This by creating an online platform that is easily accessible to the target group. Less intensive, internationally accessible, more participants and higher prices. Mobilot is a social international platform that can be exploited

I-lot is an business concept in this stage we are looking for key partnerships.- IT Development- Equity kind and Cash- Business Development

Please donate to help us develop this platform. With this people don't invest there money in an national lottery but use there time with gaming and with that they can access a international winning pot.

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